Kath and Nicola


“It has saved my life. Before Nicola came I had no visitors at all. I honestly felt like I wanted to end it all – I’ve never been on my own before and it was really difficult. After my husband died last year I saw no one at all really. My family would visit when they could but it would only be for a short time because they’re busy with their own lives. Nicola is marvellous. She does so much to support me and we get along really well. Coming to the Social Club is great too – just seeing people and talking makes such a difference. I still have bad days but at least I know I’m not on my own anymore.”


“Kath will probably tell you she’s got a lot out of the friendship however so have I – more so than I thought possible. The relationship Kath & I have, the experiences I get to participate in and the stories I hear are truly wonderful.”